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Madeline Corsaro
Madeline Corsaro

Madeline Corsaro

Printmaking, Oil Painting, Ceramics, Mixed Media

Madeline Corsaro is honored to start her printmaking studio within the four walls of the old Cheshire school house. The etching press, named Connie, was loaned by The Print Club of Rochester thanks to an immensely generous donation of former print club member, Anne Havens. When not experimenting with printmaking, Madeline also enjoys playing with ceramics, oil painting and other mixed media projects. She has led a handful of monotype workshops (a form of printmaking using the etching press) at The Cheshire Union and plans to host more printmaking classes and creative courses.
"I tend to like working on things from scratch, and to leave no scraps behind. For example, when it comes to printmaking, I save the prints I don't like, blend them up and make new paper to print on again. I also saved an altoid tin to us as a miniature plein air painting set up. The small papers I paint on are the trimmings from larger prints."
Madeline works at The Cheshire Union, helping artists market their work and organizing classes and events. Her favorite part of the job is seeing people new to being creative - taking the leap and joining in on a class! Madeline has also worked several other art related jobs, taking on various roles within the art business umbrella. Some of the artists and art businesses include: printmaker Laura Wilder; international sculptor, Albert Paley; the Pat Rini Rohrer Gallery; and the New York State Summer School of the Arts.
Madeline is involved with the Print Club of Rochester, the Ontario County Arts Council and the Cheshire Community Action Team.

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