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Amber Hanselman
Amber Hanselman

Amber Hanselman

Divine Nature Designs

Amber creates landscape paintings in watercolor and gouache, as well as electroformed jewelry, using real elements of nature she finds.
From Amber Hanselman:
"I am blessed to live in the middle of nowhere, near the cumming nature center, as I love nature and outdoor activities such as hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, camping, biking and swimming. My mom (Dory Romanowski), was and continues to be a great influence in my artistic endeavors as she is a wonderful lanscape painter and encourager. Grouwing up under her care there was no escaping the art bug! Thanks mom!
Art is an expression of worship to Jesus for me. It's a talent He's given me and all I desire to do is bring Him glory with my life. Being surrounded by the natural beauty of His creation in the Finger Lakes region, inspiration is easy to find."

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