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Tara Erb

"For me art has always been a stress reliever and a way to get balance in my life. I can leave work behind and focus on the art. My hope is everyone can find the thing in their life that can bring them that type of balance."

Moon Bear by Angelia Salerno

About the Artist

When not at the pottery wheel or making gnomes, Tara Erb is using the other side of her brain at her day job as a statistician. The rest of her free time is spent keeping up with her rambunctious 8 year old and the two love to hike, kayak and be outside.
"I’ve always enjoyed crafting as a stress reliever, but started doing pottery when I finished grad school and wanted to take a class that was nothing but fun. I fell in love with throwing on the wheel and it evolved into hand building."
Since quarantine, Tara was unable to use her ceramic studio and as a result, she began creating gnomes instead! We like to think each one has their own personality, and they all love to find different hiding spots throughout our shop. "I have loved bringing their personalities to life!"
Next time you're at The Cheshire Union, see how many of Tara's gnomes you can spot!

Necklace by Angelia Salerno
Cards by Angelia Salerno
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