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John Robortella

"Even with the technology of today, typesetting and graphic design remains a very personal art. This is important to me. The technology will evolve, but the personal creativity will always remain. The graphic arts remain both an art and a science."

Moon Bear by Angelia Salerno

About the Artist

John Robortella started working in the printing and publishing field during high school and continued as a newspaper reporter and editor before joining the staff at the University of Rochester.
"I started setting type by hand—letter by letter on a composing stick—and have watched the printing and publishing industry evolve to the current technology that we have today, including the immediacy of the internet. It has been a continuing process of learning new methods and techniques—always something new—which I really enjoy."
At the University, John was the associate director of marketing and communications at the Simon Business School. Now retired after 32 years of service, he is the owner of Finger Lakes Historical Press where he writes about local history and reprints local historical maps. John also works part-time for the Town of Canandaigua and the Town of Farmington, taking minutes at many of their public meetings.

Necklace by Angelia Salerno
Cards by Angelia Salerno
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