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Komorebi: Prints by Laura Wilder

"Komorebi" - a Japanese word that means the play of sunlight through leaves.

"In the past century, beauty in fine art has not always been valued. But humans need it. Especially now. I make art to celebrate the beauty that is still all around us. Turn off the news and notice the light through the trees. It will calm you down, and lift you up.” - Laura W.

Come see the work of Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan, Laura Wilder, at The Cheshire Union! Her block prints and giclees will be available in our gallery room from May 5th - June 11th.

Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.

Meet the artist and enjoy light refreshments during our opening reception: Sunday, May 5th, 2-4pm. This event is free and open to the public! Many items are available below $100, including Laura's beautiful note cards.

About the Artist:

Laura has specialized in block printing for over 28 years and has won many awards and prestigious commissions over that time. Her work can be seen at art festivals, in galleries and shops nationwide, and at A complete resume is available on the website.

Laura's prints are created by doing a separate hand-carving for each color, and printing the inked carvings on a hand-cranked letterpress. Her work celebrates what Laura's distant cousin Laura Ingalls Wilder called “the sweet, simple things of life,” especially the beauty of the four seasons, sunlight through trees, and our precious pollinators with their favorite native plants.


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