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Peggi Heissenberger

"My goal is to spread positivity, comfort and peace in my artwork because I believe there is so much of that in the world despite what the news would have us think. "

Moon Bear by Angelia Salerno

About the Artist

Peggi Heissenberger is a retired medical assistant and EMT. She worked for over 30 years at Rochester General Hospital and volunteered with the ambulance in Webster and Union Hill. She has had a craving to create since childhood.
"I always dabbled in some artform and when my children went off to college I became more active in selling in local stores. My work was initially whimsical but now I make more "adult" work and incorporate more nature in my designs."

Today, Peggi creates a variety of arts and crafts, from felted sheep to repurposed furniture. She loves sharing her knowledge and learning new skills from other local artists. She teaches from home and at many locations, including The Cheshire Union. When she isn't creating, Peggi enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, traveling and getting together with family and friends.
"I have a very supportive husband who helps with a lot of my "ideas". I have two children and two grandchildren. I am lucky enough to get to babysit a bit for them!"

Necklace by Angelia Salerno
Cards by Angelia Salerno
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