Mary Murphy (Merry Woods)

"I was always intimidated by art because I couldn't draw. As I got "older" and "wiser" I realized that just because I can't draw, doesn't mean I can't be creative or artistic!"

Moon Bear by Angelia Salerno

About the Artist

Mary is a retired educator and in 2011, she enrolled in BOCES full time. She learned wood working skills and how to operate power tools safely - which allows her to create truly unique assemblage pieces from upcycled and found objects. When not creating, Mary volunteers for a local animal rescue.
"I always felt crafty. I wish I had followed my dad's love of woodworking, but it came later in my life. Now I can't seem to get enough! I love looking at various objects and enjoy the challenge of bringing them together to create an art piece. It's fun for me, hence the name: "Merry" Woods!"

Necklace by Angelia Salerno
Cards by Angelia Salerno