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Kate Colmerauer

Moon Bear by Angelia Salerno

About the Artist

Kate Colmerauer has been with The Cheshire Union a couple years now. She creates some of the most well-crafted travel bags, zippered make-up bags and aprons! She also sells unique "knitting needle" cases.
"I’m not an artist but just love fabric & think now what can I make with this?"
Perhaps she doesn't call herself an artist - but we certainly think she is creative! We also love the fabrics that she chooses! Kate is a cancer-survivor and started sewing while she was going through chemotherapy treatment. It was her creative outlet - and she learned through DIY-videos!
"When I'm not sewing, I love gardening, camping & hiking in the Finger Lakes. Of course spending time with my family including 4 grand daughters is the best."

Necklace by Angelia Salerno
Cards by Angelia Salerno
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